Our Teams

Corporate Relations

The Corporate Relations resort undertakes the role of forging substantial partnerships with esteemed companies and professionals within the financial industry. Our unwavering passion lies in offering students at the University of Mannheim unparalleled experiences and invaluable connections to fuel their future careers. Through the organization of inspiring events, we strive to unlock the untapped potential of the University of Mannheim, providing added value that transcends the confines of academia. If you share our enthusiasm for gaining invaluable exposure in the financial industry and spearheading these exceptional events, we warmly encourage you to reach out and join us on this exciting journey.

Culture & Events

As the Culture & Events team, our primary objective is to enhance the existing sense of community and propagate the MIC spirit throughout the University of Mannheim. We firmly believe that beyond academic accomplishments and professional pursuits, it is equally crucial to embrace occasional moments of enjoyment. Stay tuned for many existing social events, ensuring an enriching and enjoyable experience for all.

Female Community

The Females in Finance resort strives to establish an inclusive community of women who share a keen interest in finance and investment banking, fostering a supportive environment for one another. Furthermore, we curate corporate events specifically designed to empower and integrate women into the finance industry, thereby advancing our mission of promoting diversity within the realm of finance.


The Strategy resort offers a broad spectrum of tasks, including acquiring new partnerships, building infrastructure and establishing new resorts, taking on the role of a PMO. We allow students at the University of Mannheim to forge long-lasting relationships and learn valuable skills for their future careers. The Strategy resort members have few limitations in their tasks, allowing them to pursue their interests and foster a creative environment.
If you share an interest in building relationships and broadening your skills in the financial industry, please feel free to contact us.


The Education Resort comprises various sub-sections and projects, one of them being the Analyst Program. Its aim is to provide interested students with fundamental knowledge about financial markets while giving a deeper insight into different areas of Corporate Finance/Investment Banking, Valuation methods and Accounting. By completing this program, one will gain the necessary knowledge to become a member of our investment teams and private equity resort to apply the learned theoretical knowledge. The main aim of this resort is to prosper students towards further interest and expertise in the financial world.

Private Equity

Our Private Equity department strives to foster a profound understanding of the industry and equip members with skills and knowledge essential for successful careers, whilst also providing a platform for networking and connecting with industry professionals, alumni, and peers. We are dedicated to afford University of Mannheim students with unparalleled opportunities and invaluable connections to boost their future careers. By curating a series of captivating events and initiatives, we seek to offer comprehensive knowledge about the private equity industry and essential skills for career success.


The Invest UG/ Investment Team is entrusted with the management of the MIC Investment Fund. Within this team, members undertake the responsibility of conducting research, analysis, and evaluation of diverse stocks. This provides them with a platform to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during the analyst sessions. For instance, analysts employ various valuation methods to ascertain the appropriate pricing of stocks. Through stock pitches and active participation, they directly influence the decisions concerning the purchase and sale of stocks.


The recently established Podcast resort assumes the responsibility of strategizing, coordinating, and executing the MIC-Podcast, which aims to generate substantial value for all participants through engaging exchanges and discussions with distinguished personalities in asset management, investment banking, and private equity. Participating in this project offers students unparalleled benefits, including direct interaction with esteemed executives and exceptional thought leaders in the finance industry. Notably, students are presented the exclusive opportunity to delve into pertinent subjects with the very decision-makers who shape the future of the financial world.