BVH Portfolio Challenge


The BVH Portfolio Challenge is a competition hosted by our umbrella organization where the different regional clubs compete in who is the best at managing a portfolio of assets. The portfolios are paper-traded. After a period of six months, the BVH evaluates the performance and ranks how the different clubs perform. Depending on the MIC’s performance the club can win different prizes.

Investment Strategy

The MIC Wikifolio replicates the MIC Student-Managed Portfolio. Unlike in the real-money portfolio, we may make use of derivates in order to enhance the performance resulting from our strong fundamental analysis.

Possible Prizes

A round of the BVH Portfolio Challenge lasts six months. After that time period, the winner is determined and we as the MIC can win some of the following prizes:

Fundamental Prize

Prize Money: €500

The club with the best performance without the use of structured products.

Performance Prize

Prize Money: €500

The club with the best overall performance.

Monthly Prize

Prize Money: €200

The club with the best performance over a single month. Can be won only once within the six-month period.

Curious about our current performance?

Go check out the performance and composition of the MIC Wikifolio.

Do you want to learn more about the competition?

Read more about the competition on the website of the BVH.