You are interested and want to know more ?

The Bundesverband der Börsenvereine an deutschen Hochschulen e.V., in brief BVH, is the umbrella organisation of German Finance and Investment Student initiatives. It is also the supra-regional contact for the initiatives. With more than 77 member clubs, 18,000 members and 40 top-class partners, we are proud to be a part of BVH. Therefore, we will be able to play the nationwide Stock Pitch preliminary in Mannheim 

The BVH Stock Pitch Competition aims to compete with other investment clubs throughout Germany and to have their skills evaluated by a company-supported jury. The winner receives a prize in the form of money.

What exactly does one do at the BVH Stock Pitch Competition?

Prepare two stock pitches ( 1 long, 1 short) each lasting for 5 minutes. You can present solo or in a team of up to 3 people.

Not pitching doesn’t exclude you. Spectators are very welcome!

What’s in for me? – Rewards are waiting for you!

You can win up to 1,000€ in cash for the first place as well as be invited to the national final where 2750€ are at stake.

If you’re coming in second, you will be awarded 500€.

Additionally, participants are receiving a certificate indicating their rank.

Alright I’m in. What’s the plan? How do I apply?

Send us a mail ( with your CV and a one-pager of your pitching idea as soon as possible.

Once being selected as one of the 5 teams we will invite you to the preliminary round. In the preliminary, in Mannheim five teams will pitch their ideas on November 04th 2021. The best one qualifies for the SPC final.

Stay in contact for further information. Follow our Insta account and check our website regulary.