LBBWDie Landesbank Baden-Württemberg hat eine Bilanzsumme von rd. 234 Mrd. € (per 31.12.2015) sowie rd. 11.120 Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter. Ihre Hauptsitze sind Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Mannheim und Mainz. Zusammen mit ihren drei Kundenbanken BW-Bank, LBBW Rheinland-Pfalz Bank und LBBW Sachsen Bank bietet sie bundesweit das komplette Produkt- und Dienstleistungsangebot einer modernen Universalbank. Auf dem Gebiet der Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart erfüllt die BW-Bank für die LBBW die Aufgaben einer Stadtsparkasse.

Das Geschäftsmodell der LBBW steht auf fünf Säulen und umfasst die Geschäftsfelder Unternehmenskunden, Privatkunden, Sparkassen, Immobilienfinanzierung sowie Financial Markets. Dabei bilden die BW-Bank, die LBBW Rheinland-Pfalz Bank sowie die LBBW Sachsen Bank als unselbstständige Anstalten mit eigenständigem Marktauftritt die drei starken regionalen Säulen im Geschäft des Konzerns mit Privat- und Unternehmenskunden. Zudem begleitet die LBBW ihre Unternehmenskunden und die der Sparkassen bei ihren internationalen Aktivitäten. Weltweit unterstützen dabei Niederlassungen und Repräsentanzen mit Länderexpertise, Markt-Know-how und Finanzlösungen. Ergänzend unterhält die LBBW German Centres in Peking, Singapur, Mexiko-Stadt, Delhi.Gurgaon und Moskau, die deutsche Unternehmenskunden bei ihrem Markteintritt beraten und vor Ort Büros und Netzwerke zur Verfügung stellen. Auf bestimmte Geschäftsfelder wie Leasing, Factoring, Asset Management, Immobilien oder Beteiligungsfinanzierung spezialisierte Tochterunternehmen diversifizieren und ergänzen das Leistungsportfolio der LBBW innerhalb des Konzerns.

Platinum Partner



BlackRock was founded 28 years ago by eight entrepreneurs who wanted to start a very different company; one that combined the best of a financial leader and a technology pioneer. A company with a singular purpose: making a difference in the lives of the parents and grandparents, doctors and teachers who entrust us with their money – and their futures – every day.

Today, as the world’s largest asset manager, with over $4.9 trillion under management, BlackRock brings together financial leadership, worldwide reach and state-of-the-art technology to provide answers to the millions of investors who entrust their financial futures to the company.

However the story of our company’s success rests not just with our eight founders, but with the thousands of talented professionals who have brought their ideas and energy to the firm every day since. That’s why we’re always looking for fresh perspectives and new ideas. And that’s why we’re looking for student leaders who want to gain greater exposure to – and play an important part in shaping – our Firm and our industry.

BlackRock is offering an exciting opportunity to meet us on campus at Mannheim and to hear from representatives from various business areas. Join us for an insight into our journey and goals within the asset management industry and hear from members of the organisation about our focus on innovation, inclusion and development of talent.

We offer full time Graduate, Summer Internship and Insight Week positions in Analytics and Risk, Advisory and Client Support, Corporate, Investments, Client Businesses and Technology.

Flow Traders

Since 2004, Flow Traders has been a principal trading firm and oneof the world’s largest liquidity providers, specialized in Exchange Traded Products (ETPs). Our headquarters in Amsterdam and offices in New York, Singapore and Cluj accommodate more than 300 employees. Throughout the years, Flow Traders has received the industry’s recognition, winning numerous awards and has been listed as a company since 2015.

Flow Traders is a privately held financial firm that keeps pace with global markets. Our business expands each day by adding new products across an ever-broadening range of markets around the globe.

As a trader with Flow you manage and optimize our daily position (pricing and trading) in a wide range of financial products, including equities, bonds, derivatives and complex structured products. You formulate innovative trading strategies and – in close collaboration with our software engineers – develop trading models and tools that you will implement on the trading desk.



PER has been recruiting for the private equity industry for twenty years. They work across all forms of private capital including private debt, infrastructure and real estate as well as private equity and venture capital. The firm has grown with the sector to become a team of fifty covering private markets around the world. They go to extraordinary lengths to secure exceptional investment, finance and investor relationsprofessionals, placing 250 people a year from their offices in London, Munich, Frankfurt, Mexico City and Hong Kong. Their consultants are industry experts and everyone at PER understands this market. Their founding principles remain as strong today as they were 20 years ago: be the go to people for hiring in this market, continuously set new standards for recruitment and adapt to the changing needs of our clients sharing our insights and advice to help them make the right hiring and retention decisions.

Classic Partner

Morgan Stanley

Our businessMorgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley is more than a leading financial services firm. With offices spanning 43 countries and talented, passionate people bringing excellence and integrity to everything we do, the firm is truly global. Throughout the firm’s history, diverse and talented individuals have worked together to develop our new ideas and groundbreaking financial products.

Our people

There is no typical person at Morgan Stanley.  Our people come from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests but they are all high achievers who share integrity, intellectual curiosity and the desire to work in a collegial environment. Individuality is prized and people are encouraged to be themselves. What you are interested in and how you approach the world will determine your individual career path at Morgan Stanley.

Our future

Morgan Stanley’s leadership success rests on the talents of our people, so our future lies in enabling them to be the best they can be. Which is why – whether you join us as an intern or a graduate – you can expect world-class training and development. Depending on the area that you join, you will learn how to manipulate analytical tools, cutting-edge technology and data resources. You will also receive regular mentoring and coaching as well as be invited to networking events and senior management presentations for you to know our culture, understand our core values and key products as well as build a network of contacts –  all necessary foundations for a truly exceptional and rewarding career.