Analysis Process

Value Investing by heart

We are following the simple question “is it a good business?” As Ben Graham once said “The individual investor should act consistently as an investor and not as a speculator“, we as an investment community are seeking for the intrinsic value of every company we are examining.

Our Analysis Approach:

The heart of our Analysis Approach consists of the Junior Analysts pitch. Every Junior Analyst becomes a part of our Financial Education Programme, in which he learns different ways to Analyze a stock.

The Road to become an MIC Junior Analyst:

After a brief introduction, each member has to apply for 1 Analyst Sector at the start of the HW Semester. During the application process the member has to show motivation & experience for the specific Sector he applies for.

There are 5 different & interesting Analysis Sectors

  • Automotive
  • IT
  • Healthcare
  • Chemistry
  • Machinery

Analysis Focus:

After applying for the Analysis Sector each member will work within small groups on the Analysis of a German stock exchange listed Company. The Final Analysis will be pitched in front of our Investment Partners (Morgan Stanley, LBBW), rated & discussed by the Investment Partners. Exceptional Analyst Reports will qualify for the MIC Investment Committee, the most outstanding Reports will be used to manage our Fund Portfolio.

Financial Education Programme

In order to guarantee the quality of our Analyst Reports we work together with Senior Analysts from our own Society, as well as external Investment Specialists from Companies such as LBBW. Our Investment Specialists will introduce the Junior Analysts to different Stock Analysis Models within the reach of the qualitative and quantitative Area. Relevant models will be the DCF and Multiples Model for the quantitative Part and the Porters 5 Forces, SWOT-Analysis, Competitor Analysis within the qualitative Model.

In order to prepare our members as optimal as possible for Internships&Working Students position in the M&A, Investment Banking, Private Equity, Financial Services & Asset Management Department, we offer Excel, CV and Cover Letter Workshops with our own Experts & our Recruiting Partner PER.