Mannheim Investment Club e.V.

The Mannheim Investment Club was founded in 2014 and is rapidly growing towards one of the biggest initiatives at the University of Mannheim. We want to simultaneously equip all our members with an understanding of financial markets. The member structure of our club does not merely consist of business students, but people with a variety of subject backgrounds. Therefore we would like to invite all students of the University of Mannheim to share our passion for financial markets and come to one of our meetings. Special times are also available via Facebook (Events).



In order to do valuable long term investments it is substantially that all members gain a deep understanding of our investment principles. Therefore we offer internal training sessions that cover topics like company valuation or capital markets. So that every member has the necessary skills to evaluate possible investments.

For the success of our analyzes it is essential to us, that our diverse community acts together when it comes to investment decisions. Every member is important to the club and will eventually take on a role in our Investment Committee.

Acting as one united community is of utmost importance to us. Every student regardless of his or her background and field of study is encouraged become a member of the club and share his curiosity for financial markets.

We pursue to teach a value-oriented investment strategy that focusses on well known strategies of gurus. In addition we try to create and improve our own strategy.




Join our unique team to network and increase your knowledge in investments. Our new members are taught about the financial world by our more experienced members of the society. You can discuss your investment ideas with people passionate about investing.Read more


You are missing something and have your own ideas and concepts? Great! We encourage you to bring your own ideas and together we realize great projects like our Stock Market Competition, our Private Equity Day, Fintech Sessions, Softskill Workshops andRead more


Become a member of the Mannheim Investment Club and engage yourself in a unique project. Gain access to a great society with great events. You don’t have to be a finance or business student to become part of our society,Read more

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